How Does Electrolysis Work?

Electrolysis uses low level electrical current to damage the hair follicle. It is through the repeated treatment of the follicle that permanent removal is achieved. Regrowth is most vulnerable when it first appears. If the hair is not immediately treated, the hair can rebuild its strength, and negate the effectiveness of the initial treatment. This makes it imperative that the client maintain a regular schedule with his/her electrologist.

Electrolysis may cause some discomfort, but adjustments can be made to create a more pleasant experience.

Immediately following treatment some people may experience a small amount of redness or swelling, lasting only a short time. This is normal. Your electrologist can give you aftercare instructions to mitigate any reaction one might experience.

Many people who use electrolysis find that their skin clears up when the hairs are treated, providing a smooth, even texture and appearance.

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